Emuser emerged during the January of 2017 with a management team that has deep experience in the relevant industries.

Emuser is all about searching top talents, by utilizing the strength of the existing resource network to help clients unfold just the right kind of talent that they are hunting for. The company’s size and expertise empower to formulate a perfect recruiting plan and tailor in accordance to each client’s specific staffing needs.


A collaborative culture that happily provides skilled manpower for your business, and our screening procedure gives you the best, for sure. Our company’s culture is as diverse as its people, while the unifier is our shared passion in creating experiences that match expectations.

Emuser has a dedicated human resources consulting firm. It embraces a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who believe in working with clients using participation methodologies and tools, which are simultaneously adaptive and structured.


Our objective is to ensure that the HR function is handled by suitable and qualified professionals who compete for corporate resources and contribute to the bottom-line.